Imogen Poots . The Awkward Moment


Where Can I start? What is there to say?

This interview marvels me. I’m completely entertained. I love how the interviewer can get this wonderful artist to open up. Actually managing to make her laugh in such a sweet way.

Interesting question: …about her choice in parts and scripts and movies in general.

-Exactly right. I get it. —-“It’s not about conquering every single genre.”

It’s about that special intuition. That certainty that’s obvious in an experienced actor and of course multifaceted-multitalented being like Imogen Poots from Chiswick New London. Acting as I see it, digs up from a pond of hard experiences. The comedic tone springs from the neutralization of those experiences. So I do see. Is the personality, the wisdom of a young artist, the eye to choose what is best for you and all in all, the talent of being who she is. -Simply wonderful.

The Awkward Moment – Go watch it. I enjoyed it tremendously.