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The many divisions.

Find a way to recognize the bright sea around us. And gently move with its currents towards more balance each time. To feel how everything flows through everything in the presence of all of us. Let’s call ourselves Us for a second.—galactic independence day? Is that the right word? In-dependence. Not dependant anymore. But that’s an illusion, the problem was always a lack of togetherness. So we see ourselves further separated left to conquer our battles.

We don’t acknowledge that we’re very dependant. And recognizing that should be a thing of mindful care. A thing of tenderness, to be a whole Earth again and broadcast it to the everything, so it flows yet again through everything. This time we will be paying attention. Is that the “expectant attention” concept reviewed? Perhaps, but calling specifically to the brightest more sincere side of our being.

Words are not my words, words are just the strings out of which any tune can be played.
I can be sincere with momma therefore I can be sincere with the world, the mother Earth. Momma taught me how to be a teacher.
Sitting on top of Pluto we begin to recognize the music of each of the spheres. We perceive the symphony from the farthest place we’ve touched. From outside we move back into the inside towards the core of the Sun. we hear the music bounce off of the rest of the planets. We acknowledge our place in the universe. Fall in complete amazement of hearing the special tune of the universe and played it on guitar.
I see the point of learning from living masters. The sum total of living beings on the planet have a piece to the puzzle, so every time a new life comes in the pieces re distribute and a new piece emerges.

Letter 4

I want to take you through the journey of my visions. Towards the deepness of my heart. I see your eyes and it is all light. Emanating from the womb of the mother that gives birth to all of the stars. I want to take you there, to the only place I know that has mirrors big enough for you to fully grasp the wonders of your essence. The one that infuses me with mezmerizing hope, of sensing you, just around the corner, anticipating the moment when our looks intertwine, just a split of a second and I recognize my whole being reflected upon the breath you take, that very moment, where I’m finally able to take you to that place filled with stars, that you put inside my chest. It beats intensely, even more so as we get into that split second where I tell you what you’ve made of me, from so far away, without inhabiting the same space.

Letter 3

…But yet again that light brings me the sound of your voice. How I wish to be your fuel for such wonderful tone flowing through your lungs. So I can feel purpose inside this twister of feelings.

I know these are profound and very incomprehensible feelings. but you bring inspiration to me, One that I want you to harvest through me, It’s my way of giving back to you. Please live beyond me, it doesnt matter if it signifies my end if you get to live with my story in your hands.

Please realize that all I want is for you to know how you emerged in my dreams and became so real…until I could no longer breath.

I wish I could no longer breath.I wish I could be with you right now, but I feel so useless and far apart,

What does it take? If I scream my lungs out. Would you hear me before I die?

I’ve been watching you sing all night, swimming in your essence. how lucky those graced with your presence, while I’m dragged far away.

You don’t know me, but how I wish you could hear me. I am absent but how I wish you could feel me. I bathe in your sweet voice, waiting for death to come. If only I could know what is there inside your heart. I’ll visit you, taste you, breath you, and finally, I will go away hoping that you’ll want me back, even if it is in those rapid dreams.

The only part of my life I do know and as sudden as it is, it’s all I live for.

I don’t know what I am but I love you.


Remember The Future

Science Fiction. – Queer Love – Love Triangle – Mystery – Adventure – Loners – THe ailments of the world – Time Travel –

What is really real?

Three main characters. They all belong to a past unbeknownst to themselves. Living amongst the twistedness of society, digging towards a more hidden aspect of life. The synchronized dreaming, the powerful hunches that connect people. The fact that they’re all loners. That they want more from life than live and work.

The antagonists are brilliant and smart. Dark and twisted but trying to connect with the same calling that comes to absolutely everyone. The desire to evolve from where they stand. The problem emerges when all they want to to do is control and crush and scam.

The darkness is ever present. It convinces humans of ignoring their true power. In that way it serves a great purpose, it makes you forget so you can remember…yet again.

Earth is but one planet, the darkest and the lightest, Whichever graduates from this Univerity gets to see further and further, we all become …?


Vera Smallstorm, Camille Seagreen, Patrick Thornhill, Katya Deskin, Maria Sawyer,  Allen Winterscales, Zoryan Hanlon, Orlando Doyle (Headmaster), Rebecca -Becc- Edgar, Saar.