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The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman


This movie is definitely enchanting. It puts to test the perception we have on certain artists such as Evan Rachel Wood, the producer, the script-vetter. Even the director.

It’s clear that not many want to take that kind of credit, it’s understandable. But we as cinephiles, love to see someone talented deliver art. Which is at then end, for a great cause, ease the confusion and entertain us with powerful feeling. —What is life without art?

First View: That feeling of Charlie Countryman running in utter joy, stricken by fantasy…or perhaps those kind of feelings that are too good to be true with a significant portion of innocence or just the need to shed the grief. Can’t get the exact word.

What do you see in those eyes? in that look?

Second View:  Evan Rachel’s character. Confronted by love, by the unbelievable. Saying the most powerful words. “get out of my life, I don’t want you, I don’t deserve you” a multitude of things when her counterpart in film is absolutely beaten and quite frankly half dead and half alive.

Third View: The ghost of Charlie’s Mother. Telling the darkest joke. Sending him off to fall in love and to fucking die. —-Is that it? —-“Classic me”—-“…Classic you”. The confusion of loving and feeling the betrayal. —Is that really it?

Fourth View: Evan Rachel’s character facing her abuser partner whilst strung along by this tormented guy looking for something more. That type of intensity most often signals a collision. —Very interesting exchange…to say the least.

Just take a moment to watch this excerpt. Let’s recognize the timing of Evan Rachel’s reactions. Everything from reacting to Charlie delivering the deadly punch when facing a one-dimensional bully-(which always makes up for a good antagonist) head on.

The trapped words. There’s no need for words. What goes on in the mind of an actor to convey what is beyond words. —-Believe me, I watch and I learn.

The preparation to play that instrument. —What else is there to say?

A multitude of piercing looks filled up with all kinds of feelings.

A great piece…and there’s so much more to say about it. We’re all inspired by you.




Let’s start off by this quote. I agree 100%.

We all know that movies are for inspiring and seeding people’s minds. But to understand is the point. I always seek to understand and when I see a story like this I’m moved to the bones. No matter how fictional it might be it still talks about a deep pain. Of a mother losing her child. —-Who can’t empathize with this kind of pain?

There are multiples scenes in which I’m interested in. Wilde’s character wandering around Time Square. Lost. Terrified. Not knowing. -That’s tough to say the least.

Second view. Getting out of the car and completely breaking down in the middle of the road because of that same pain. That lingering fatigue, until it becomes a cry. That type of feeling is a heart-stopper in the deepest way.

Third view. Wilde’s character teaching her students, depressed. Fed up. Having to take care of children when her boy is lost. -Definitely a repetitive-sordid image in this world.

Powerful film-making – Awesome name for a category.

Fourth View : Wilson’s character. The image of a grieving father that can’t no longer connect. This type of feelings coming from a male point of view are so much harder to pinpoint. But those with empathy understand, so …”las palabras están de más”

Fifth View: A woman suffering. Seeking comfort in strangers. Trying to express through sex, that other pain plus what she can’t let out somehow. How does one person judge this kind of events? Feelings are irrational, they are there, and that’s it. Is it …that it’s easier to be real with strangers that with your closed ones?

—-Many questions can be asked.

Sixth View: What happened to the child? what about his suffering?

Seventh View: Giovanni Ribisi’s Character. What is pain for him?

All of this people are suffering the unimaginable.

I’m moved by the fact that artists such as actors can deliver this kind of feeling and still be able to go on with their lives. It’s a good idea to “seek to understand rather than judge”. This type of movies might be what people call a “one time watch”…perhaps because we don’t want to be forever lingering in this images, but they still speak the truth. Of an artist. Olivia Wilde and her castmates. A production staff, the vision of a director. And a hard truth about life. Kids are stolen. Forever lost.

Are you one of them?

Consider watching this work. Meadowland – Director : Reed Morano. Produced by Olivia Wilde -k.

Imogen Poots . The Awkward Moment


Where Can I start? What is there to say?

This interview marvels me. I’m completely entertained. I love how the interviewer can get this wonderful artist to open up. Actually managing to make her laugh in such a sweet way.

Interesting question: …about her choice in parts and scripts and movies in general.

-Exactly right. I get it. —-“It’s not about conquering every single genre.”

It’s about that special intuition. That certainty that’s obvious in an experienced actor and of course multifaceted-multitalented being like Imogen Poots from Chiswick New London. Acting as I see it, digs up from a pond of hard experiences. The comedic tone springs from the neutralization of those experiences. So I do see. Is the personality, the wisdom of a young artist, the eye to choose what is best for you and all in all, the talent of being who she is. -Simply wonderful.

The Awkward Moment – Go watch it. I enjoyed it tremendously.

Doll and Em Season 2

This has got to be the funniest last 30 seconds I’ve seen in a while. Olivia Wilde’s brit accent cracked me up like nothing I’ve heard before (hence: “…we’ve WRITTEN”. She masters the serious face while telling the joke.

Evan Rachel Wood… what can I say, she masters the confidence of an experienced actor. Could it be that it points to the confusion on her being too snarky. –Don’t think so.

Emily Mortimer and Dolly Wells part made for an awesome awkward comedy. It got me so damn uncomfortable that it was a bit hard to watch at times. But I completely understand the style and the intention. Please do some more of this.

Awesome.- The struggles of being an artist…

isn’t it? who can deny it?

The Artist – Evan Rachel Wood

Not only a great artist. But a powerful singer. Besides Staring Westworld, one of the best science fiction I’ve seen lately. You all can delight in this music.

The true version of High and Dry. I know the original belongs to Radiohead. But this type of singing is heavenly.  I think it’s sung a bit higher, but it fits perfectly. Multitalented-Multifaceted being. Keep on going. I would buy any album of covers this artist makes.

This recording is awesome. The sweetness of that tone cannot be compared. I haven’t heard the original, but quite frankly I don’t need to. I would be delighted in hearing more of this side of Evan Rachel Wood. That hidden part that can sing anything. That can paint, and dance, and write, and interpret, and has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.