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Voodoo Child! SRV!



The Artist: Jared Leto

Let’s remember old times. 2002? 15 years already? Time passes by so slowly and so fast as well. Is that a paradox? —-Whatever. Anyways.

This track Capricorn. It has all the intensity that I, as an adolescent adored. Now I remember the fun I had listening to this wonderful music and now I’m glad to circle back to it. A bit dark at times but I’m all about the music.

Jared Leto’s voice is cristal clear. The emotion. The scream. The Style. Everything. I’d die to hear Jared in concert and most definitely to find a new side of him. We all feel uneasy about our old works. It’s natural. Moving on to the next phase. Let artist become something new. —–That mohawk tho… 😀


I’m curious to  find what inspired this song.: —“stand at the edge of the earth”. What kind of feeling is that? It certainly sounds poetic. But what is that?—-Frustration perhaps. The biggest of my life. Desolation channeled into heavily refined music. The terribly dark voice is not needed.–It imprints the mind. Jared’s take on hard rock is far more better. It has melody!


—–Shannon Leto’s drumming skills.


Only Lovers Left Alive

Guys! —What? —-Tilda Swinton.

This movie deserves praising, and that’s exactly what I’ll do. Starting off by the Soundtrack.

There’s a lot to mention about a movie like this. Cinematohraphy, script, performances, the set and of course the music. Can’t cover them all. Just listen to this.

This music is sublime power:





The Artist – Evan Rachel Wood

Not only a great artist. But a powerful singer. Besides Staring Westworld, one of the best science fiction I’ve seen lately. You all can delight in this music.

The true version of High and Dry. I know the original belongs to Radiohead. But this type of singing is heavenly.  I think it’s sung a bit higher, but it fits perfectly. Multitalented-Multifaceted being. Keep on going. I would buy any album of covers this artist makes.

This recording is awesome. The sweetness of that tone cannot be compared. I haven’t heard the original, but quite frankly I don’t need to. I would be delighted in hearing more of this side of Evan Rachel Wood. That hidden part that can sing anything. That can paint, and dance, and write, and interpret, and has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.