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Midnight in Paris

Oli: This is the type of scene that illustrates the magic of life and film…

The fact that these artist did really exist however interpreted their personalities might be…it’s still wonderful to laugh at the wonder of a querky character finding these people and having an actual conversation with a surrealist about time travel.

^(bangs his chest) Dalí! – Dalí! —————————–hahaha love it.

The language…the french…


You like the shape of the rhinoceros? 

Rhinoceros? haven’t really thought about it.

I paint rhinoceros———————-laugh out loud.

I paint your sad eyes, with big lips melting over the hot sand,  witha one tear and in your tear another face. the christ face yeah over the rhinoceros.————–What?! that was brilliant.-I wonder where is coming from. 😀

—————The piercing look and the odd gestures complete the whole idea for me. -brilliant comedic rhythm.


Yeah well probably I do look sad…and in a very perplexing situation.

———————In movies like this we’re all Gil Pender.


(Luis Buñuel and Man Ray enter the room)

Perplexing situation: dddddd…it sounds so crazy to say you guys are gonna think I’m drunk, but I have to tell someone ¡…I’m from:

Yeah you’re surrealist, but I’m a normal guy. ————————with a love-related dilemma, asking the most inventing artist from the 20’s for advice.


Only Lovers Left Alive

Guys! —What? —-Tilda Swinton.

This movie deserves praising, and that’s exactly what I’ll do. Starting off by the Soundtrack.

There’s a lot to mention about a movie like this. Cinematohraphy, script, performances, the set and of course the music. Can’t cover them all. Just listen to this.

This music is sublime power:





The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman


This movie is definitely enchanting. It puts to test the perception we have on certain artists such as Evan Rachel Wood, the producer, the script-vetter. Even the director.

It’s clear that not many want to take that kind of credit, it’s understandable. But we as cinephiles, love to see someone talented deliver art. Which is at then end, for a great cause, ease the confusion and entertain us with powerful feeling. —What is life without art?

First View: That feeling of Charlie Countryman running in utter joy, stricken by fantasy…or perhaps those kind of feelings that are too good to be true with a significant portion of innocence or just the need to shed the grief. Can’t get the exact word.

What do you see in those eyes? in that look?

Second View:  Evan Rachel’s character. Confronted by love, by the unbelievable. Saying the most powerful words. “get out of my life, I don’t want you, I don’t deserve you” a multitude of things when her counterpart in film is absolutely beaten and quite frankly half dead and half alive.

Third View: The ghost of Charlie’s Mother. Telling the darkest joke. Sending him off to fall in love and to fucking die. —-Is that it? —-“Classic me”—-“…Classic you”. The confusion of loving and feeling the betrayal. —Is that really it?

Fourth View: Evan Rachel’s character facing her abuser partner whilst strung along by this tormented guy looking for something more. That type of intensity most often signals a collision. —Very interesting exchange…to say the least.

Just take a moment to watch this excerpt. Let’s recognize the timing of Evan Rachel’s reactions. Everything from reacting to Charlie delivering the deadly punch when facing a one-dimensional bully-(which always makes up for a good antagonist) head on.

The trapped words. There’s no need for words. What goes on in the mind of an actor to convey what is beyond words. —-Believe me, I watch and I learn.

The preparation to play that instrument. —What else is there to say?

A multitude of piercing looks filled up with all kinds of feelings.

A great piece…and there’s so much more to say about it. We’re all inspired by you.




Let’s start off by this quote. I agree 100%.

We all know that movies are for inspiring and seeding people’s minds. But to understand is the point. I always seek to understand and when I see a story like this I’m moved to the bones. No matter how fictional it might be it still talks about a deep pain. Of a mother losing her child. —-Who can’t empathize with this kind of pain?

There are multiples scenes in which I’m interested in. Wilde’s character wandering around Time Square. Lost. Terrified. Not knowing. -That’s tough to say the least.

Second view. Getting out of the car and completely breaking down in the middle of the road because of that same pain. That lingering fatigue, until it becomes a cry. That type of feeling is a heart-stopper in the deepest way.

Third view. Wilde’s character teaching her students, depressed. Fed up. Having to take care of children when her boy is lost. -Definitely a repetitive-sordid image in this world.

Powerful film-making – Awesome name for a category.

Fourth View : Wilson’s character. The image of a grieving father that can’t no longer connect. This type of feelings coming from a male point of view are so much harder to pinpoint. But those with empathy understand, so …”las palabras están de más”

Fifth View: A woman suffering. Seeking comfort in strangers. Trying to express through sex, that other pain plus what she can’t let out somehow. How does one person judge this kind of events? Feelings are irrational, they are there, and that’s it. Is it …that it’s easier to be real with strangers that with your closed ones?

—-Many questions can be asked.

Sixth View: What happened to the child? what about his suffering?

Seventh View: Giovanni Ribisi’s Character. What is pain for him?

All of this people are suffering the unimaginable.

I’m moved by the fact that artists such as actors can deliver this kind of feeling and still be able to go on with their lives. It’s a good idea to “seek to understand rather than judge”. This type of movies might be what people call a “one time watch”…perhaps because we don’t want to be forever lingering in this images, but they still speak the truth. Of an artist. Olivia Wilde and her castmates. A production staff, the vision of a director. And a hard truth about life. Kids are stolen. Forever lost.

Are you one of them?

Consider watching this work. Meadowland – Director : Reed Morano. Produced by Olivia Wilde -k.