The many divisions.

Find a way to recognize the bright sea around us. And gently move with its currents towards more balance each time. To feel how everything flows through everything in the presence of all of us. Let’s call ourselves Us for a second.—galactic independence day? Is that the right word? In-dependence. Not dependant anymore. But that’s an illusion, the problem was always a lack of togetherness. So we see ourselves further separated left to conquer our battles.

We don’t acknowledge that we’re very dependant. And recognizing that should be a thing of mindful care. A thing of tenderness, to be a whole Earth again and broadcast it to the everything, so it flows yet again through everything. This time we will be paying attention. Is that the “expectant attention” concept reviewed? Perhaps, but calling specifically to the brightest more sincere side of our being.

Words are not my words, words are just the strings out of which any tune can be played.
I can be sincere with momma therefore I can be sincere with the world, the mother Earth. Momma taught me how to be a teacher.
Sitting on top of Pluto we begin to recognize the music of each of the spheres. We perceive the symphony from the farthest place we’ve touched. From outside we move back into the inside towards the core of the Sun. we hear the music bounce off of the rest of the planets. We acknowledge our place in the universe. Fall in complete amazement of hearing the special tune of the universe and played it on guitar.
I see the point of learning from living masters. The sum total of living beings on the planet have a piece to the puzzle, so every time a new life comes in the pieces re distribute and a new piece emerges.


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