Earth Song – Michael Jackson

Don’t care what anybody says. This music is inspired by the Gods, and more specifically when it talks about tremendous suffering made into the most heavenly choir ever assembled. The lyrics is a cry to everything that is wrong with the world. It talks about a suffering we like to put to a side. But when seen and experienced through this brilliant music video…I’m left tossed and turned. Speechless.

Don’t understand and never will… the tendencies of this world (meaning the relative humans-people that spend too much time complaining or downgrading every person to their side-not paying attention to anything whatsoever) …can dismiss the real person behind such brilliant musician. It’s the work of many but it’s the vision of this one person. You all know who that is. Michael Jackson.

Is there anyone like him? is there going to be anyone like him? ——Don’t think so.

Can we get inspired and forget the rest? (The Shit. that is.) —–Most definitely.

Thank you Michael. You are alive in some point of Time/Space.

p.s. what happened to the music channels?….you know when they transmitted actual music videos all day long.

We’re all remembered through our art.




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