Midnight in Paris

Oli: This is the type of scene that illustrates the magic of life and film…

The fact that these artist did really exist however interpreted their personalities might be…it’s still wonderful to laugh at the wonder of a querky character finding these people and having an actual conversation with a surrealist about time travel.

^(bangs his chest) Dalí! – Dalí! —————————–hahaha love it.

The language…the french…


You like the shape of the rhinoceros? 

Rhinoceros? haven’t really thought about it.

I paint rhinoceros———————-laugh out loud.

I paint your sad eyes, with big lips melting over the hot sand,  witha one tear and in your tear another face. the christ face yeah over the rhinoceros.————–What?! that was brilliant.-I wonder where is coming from. 😀

—————The piercing look and the odd gestures complete the whole idea for me. -brilliant comedic rhythm.


Yeah well probably I do look sad…and in a very perplexing situation.

———————In movies like this we’re all Gil Pender.


(Luis Buñuel and Man Ray enter the room)

Perplexing situation: dddddd…it sounds so crazy to say you guys are gonna think I’m drunk, but I have to tell someone ¡…I’m from:

Yeah you’re surrealist, but I’m a normal guy. ————————with a love-related dilemma, asking the most inventing artist from the 20’s for advice.


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