The Artist – Léa Seydoux

The contemplative state –

First enchanting aspect about this wonderful artist. The mastery of her neutral accent. Slightly brit but just as enchanting. —-Yes, double enchanting with a marvelous name).

There’s a lot that could be said about a long line of bond girls. I’m not an expert in the matter but I can appreciate Léa Seydoux’ take on a strong independent, free thinker type of woman. That is not to be swung around, she commands every scene. I’m very curious to find how much room for interpretation of the character she had.  Sometimes, when writing you get caught up in a certain look, a certain exterior.

—-Please, let us see Léa Seydoux  as the next action genre star par excellence!

All in all I see a great commitment to the art. The training aspect, the stunt preparation. That’s nothing new, but quite marvelous because it shows. The experience shows and that’s not something that can be faked. (re-)Acting takes time and perseverance.

It’s always super interesting to hear an actress describe the part. I think that’s far more important than what she’s wearing.

Nervousness is a part of every person interested in being the best at what they do. The classifications on Léa’s personality are really coming from an empathic place or is it that people can’t stand a secure, refined, deeply committed, talented woman?

A French artist, connaisseure of la Savoir Faire francais, inspiring, beautiful and a mother…another tough vocation. Winner of the Palme D’or.




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