Letter 4

I want to take you through the journey of my visions. Towards the deepness of my heart. I see your eyes and it is all light. Emanating from the womb of the mother that gives birth to all of the stars. I want to take you there, to the only place I know that has mirrors big enough for you to fully grasp the wonders of your essence. The one that infuses me with mezmerizing hope, of sensing you, just around the corner, anticipating the moment when our looks intertwine, just a split of a second and I recognize my whole being reflected upon the breath you take, that very moment, where I’m finally able to take you to that place filled with stars, that you put inside my chest. It beats intensely, even more so as we get into that split second where I tell you what you’ve made of me, from so far away, without inhabiting the same space.


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