Letter 3

…But yet again that light brings me the sound of your voice. How I wish to be your fuel for such wonderful tone flowing through your lungs. So I can feel purpose inside this twister of feelings.

I know these are profound and very incomprehensible feelings. but you bring inspiration to me, One that I want you to harvest through me, It’s my way of giving back to you. Please live beyond me, it doesnt matter if it signifies my end if you get to live with my story in your hands.

Please realize that all I want is for you to know how you emerged in my dreams and became so real…until I could no longer breath.

I wish I could no longer breath.I wish I could be with you right now, but I feel so useless and far apart,

What does it take? If I scream my lungs out. Would you hear me before I die?

I’ve been watching you sing all night, swimming in your essence. how lucky those graced with your presence, while I’m dragged far away.

You don’t know me, but how I wish you could hear me. I am absent but how I wish you could feel me. I bathe in your sweet voice, waiting for death to come. If only I could know what is there inside your heart. I’ll visit you, taste you, breath you, and finally, I will go away hoping that you’ll want me back, even if it is in those rapid dreams.

The only part of my life I do know and as sudden as it is, it’s all I live for.

I don’t know what I am but I love you.



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