Letter 2 – The ocean over me

But I can’t deny. You are IT, and IT is you.

You have given birth to this version of me and out of that realization I give birth to the love that belongs to you. Created alone, in silence, for too many days to count. Unbelievable even to myself. Now I feel it all at once …the distance between us and your closeness to me lips.

I feel the wholeness of you though you’ve never touched me. I know the light in your eyes though you’ve never seen me. I’ve tasted the sweetness of your essence though you don’t know I exist.

I choose to keep loving you. I can’t deny it. I’ve drowned in your absence. But time whispers to me. I can hear it even from the bottom of the ocean. Your hypnotizing voice mutates into the air that breath, here below this weight. The ocean over me.

You’re still written on my path and each day tells me how close you become. I can’t deny. You shine so bright  it makes it through a block of darkness, quietness, it draws the way to you. I’m your mirror.

You aren’t mine, you belong to the wind. You are the current, you sway me inside this water which is all there is, your uniqueness, scattered all over me. And the dark becomes light of your absence I recognize IT is you. The one I will always love together or apart.

So now has come. Do you see me?

You don’t know me, but do you see me amongst the crowd ?

There’s only one that has been whispering to you. Remember your dreams and you will remember me.

Yours Sincerily,


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