A Worthy Companion


Next on a long list of  work by Evan Rachel Wood is her new part as Laura  in a Worthy Companion. It looks enticing, of complicated emotions and relationships accompanied by that awesome voice at the 0:20 mark characteristic of  the depth of an experience actor. The interaction might point to characters that hate and love each other in an emotional turmoil that most often represent normal life, but that’s scary of relationships and that not many care to admit regardless of age. Life is complicated however you see it and pure drama film-making it’s always necessary.

I formally request TIFF to award this movie, because just by the trailer we know that is good.

We, that see you and hear look forward to your marvellous talent in this new drama… just tell us where to see it.






John Singer Sargent

When you know you’re from another time…and paintings like this catch your attention. Most of the time nature is more fascinating that man made things.

Men are all imperfect but art elevates suffering to something else, something worth looking, something that captivates. Feelings, emotions, and perceptions that are in one picture, that hopefully lasts. Sometimes that’s all we can hope for. Artists are never admired in their own time or in their own country…it’s a good thing that canvas endures times and passes from hand to hand and travels from country to country. Some artist never find a way out. But the idea behind the person is impressed in the work even unconsciously to those who look at it.